Skylounge is my attempt at a hybrid portfolio/hobby blog. I’d like to use this blog to show examples of my work (concept art, screenshots etc.), as well as an outlet for discussing topics I am interested in. For now however, the only thing I have in the pipeline are photos I’ve taken of my figure collection.

Stay tuned for more exciting (or not) articles!

Short Profile:

I am a student living in London. I’m in a Interactive Games Production course, which covers areas and stages of a typical game development cycle.

So apart from playing games (which I find less time to allocate to these days), I watch a bunch of anime. However, since Gundam 00, nothing new has really caught my attention.

Why Collect Figures?

I was once one of those guys who would frown upon people who collect figures, and it was never my intention to start collecting figures myself.

Prior to my first figurine, I’ve only bought Gundan Seed model kits. I frequented sites such as Danny Choo’s to keep up to date with Gundam news, but rarely glanced over at the figure side of his site.

So what happened? Well, one fateful day in the middle of January 2008, I came across a new hobby store in London. They stocked the typical ‘big-eyed girls with outrageous hair’ figures, which I dislike with a passion, but just as I was about to leave, a particular product caught my eye. I took a closer look at the area. Another beautiful figure was situated next to it. And another next to that. It was the first time I laid my eyes on figures based on the Art of Shunya Yamashita – it was love at first site. Thus, my adventure began.

What Do I Collect?

Apart from anime figures, I’ve also developed an interest for vinyl/designer toys. About late 2007, I became affiliated with a certain vinyl toy designer, which brought me into the vinyl toy world. However, isn’t quite as interesting as anime figures are to me now, so I’ve slowed down my purchase on them. Having said that, I recently splashed out on a limited edition Vans & Coarsetoys vinyl figure – pictures soon (maybe).

I’ve got some actions figures from the Final Fantasy VII and XII range. I couldn’t resist Cloud with his bike Fenrir and, fearing he might get lonely, I had to buy Sephiroth to keep him company. I haven’t played much of Final Fantasy XII, but I saw the Grand Judge action figure and it was a must buy from then on. Much like the reason I bought Sephiroth, I’ve since acquired the rest of the FFXII crew.

Why Take Pictures (+who gives a shit?)

Hopefully, people with similar taste to me will enjoy images of the figures I collect!

Actually, the figurine photography wasn’t something I originally intended to do. Recently, I started selling a few of my old possessions on eBay and, knowing how much a good picture improves an auction, I made my own mini-photography studio to take better quality pictures.

Combined with the fact that my figures were just gathering dust, it seemed like a fun (and time consuming) thing to do. (Anything to escape coursework really!)

As of May 2008, my weapon of choice is the Canon 450D SLR.


2 responses

1 08 2008

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13 11 2008

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