[Review] Non-Non x Figure

13 09 2008

Figure Review by Samanosuke

Here’s my Non-Non review. She’s one of Yamato’s better releases and, due to her popularity, is getting a re-release! Full review after the gallery.

Name: Non-Non
Scale: 1/6
Series: Shunya Yamashita
Manufacturer: Yamato (Creator’s Labo)
Material: PVC


Non-Non Gallery…

Nice pose, and with no signs of leaning since purchase.

Glad her breasts weren’t enlarged x100! (unlike Cocona’s figure transition)

Legs look pale, but then again, Yamato aren’t known for their skin shading!

Cute butt ;). She has a clothed ‘tail’ in the resin kit version.

Pass-able hair seamline. Paint not perfect around the buns, but then again, it is a delicate area.




Yet another Shunya figure designed by REFLECT, and once again, he has been faithful to the original design – the face, curves and pose is spot on. Coming from Yamato, I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near the prototype version. However, I was in awe once I got her out of the box.

The sword, which is loose, looks fantastic! The base was also a pleasant surprise – the pattern looked right at home under Non-Non.

I’ve said this many times before, and will probably say it even more in the future: The most important feature in a Shunya girl is her eyes, and REFLECT did not disappoint! And unlike the recently released Air Gear Ringo, Yamato did not mess the eyes up during the transition, thankfully.

So, sculpt-wise, she’s perfect. However, she is not perfect, but fortunately, her faults are pretty minor. The main gripe I have is the lack of skin shading. Apart from a little shading between the breasts, elsewhere, it’s pretty much non-existent. It’s a shame her cute behind did not get the benefit of any shading.

From the pictures upbove, you can just about see purple/grey patches on her stockings. I think this is Yamato’s attempt at creating see-through stockings, but, unfortunately, just looks patchy. I applaud their valiant attempt though!

So apart from the paintwork (minor), I’ve nothing to fault about Non-Non. She’s an exeptional figure, and is highly sought after! But there’s good news: for those of you guys who missed out on her the first time round, she is set for a re-release sometime in October, as mentioned above.

Hobbyfan (who are in the recast resin kit trade) are doing a Non-Non resin kit of their own, based on another image of her, and it actually looks quite good! Shame I can’t paint kits -_-






2 responses

14 09 2008

I got the recent Ringo, so you are right about the skin shading. Yamato is not well-known for that. And that is one big saber.

Leaning does not occur till about a few years after purchase, usually. It also depends on the environment the figure is in.

14 09 2008

I guess I can’t rule out the chances of her leaning in a couple of years time however, she’s definitely no Shii Arisugawa or Arisa, who’re constantly leaning even after several adjustments!

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