[Review] Cocona x Figure

13 09 2008

Figure Review by Samanosuke

Now for my review of Cocona. Beautiful figure with a WF exclusive version that I would really like to get my hands on! Written review after the gallery.

Name: Cocona
Scale: 1/7
Series: Shunya Yamashita
Manufacturer: Movic
Material: PVC


Cocona Gallery…

Cocona comes with a gi-normous plate as a stand, which can probably house the whole Shunya crew on it. Due to the size, I don’t use it, but thank god she can stand perfectly fine without it!

Cocona shows off her cute butt.

Gigantic melons alert!

Cocona’s belt – complete with pink cloth attached!

Very cool armour detailing.

Great looking sword or what? (Sorry about the bad focusing!)




Let’s just get this out of the way – figure Cocona is not a faithful rendition of drawing Cocona. My friend loves the concept art of Cocona, but refuses to buy the figure due to the major differences. I can see where he’s coming from but, if I look at the figure from outside of the box, she still has her merits.

So first, the good points of the figure:

Cocona is very detailed! Her costume consists of armour parts and (minimal) fitted clothing, which are all nicely painted. Details such as the flowers in her hair and thigh ribbons really catch your eyes. She’s got a scarf/cloth piece hanging from her back, captured in a light breeze.

Now, the granddaddy of the set is without a doubt, the huge sword shes comes with! The sword is exquisitely done, and looks even better than the original drawing! If there was an award for best figure sword, this one should definitely be up for nomination!

But alas, the time for the bad points have come:

The sad fact is, this figure is still not a faithful conversion. Cocona’s face looks nothing like the cute original. Her mouth can also look weird from certain angles. Her body proportions have also been altered – she’s got a bit more meat on her, which takes away the slender look of the original. Lastly, the colours look slightly dull – not a major problem, but she might have looked better with pastel coloured clothes and hair instead.

So my final verdict is that, as a Shunya figure, she just about passes. But looking from a different angle, I find she’s an aone hell of an aquirement!






4 responses

15 09 2008

I absolutely agree on your verdict.I dont mind the extra meat at all but its a bummer her face isnt closer to the original.Yet as a “normal” figure shes great

17 09 2008

Great mind think alike! ^^

It’s a real shame the differences are so drastic, as the original design is beautiful!

27 10 2008

Yep. Both days. But because we were a bit later than we wanted(someone in our group got lost on the way to where we were staying…)we didnt get fast track entry….. so me and four others had to wait in the massive queue… it was worse than a theme park…. Safe to say I will never go in a big group like that again…. too much risk… I would have got there on time by myself…. and not suffered that wait… I didnt get in untill like 12….. maybe a bit before that… was horrible….:sob:
And there are figure bargains both days. On sunday they reduce prices even more, trying to clear stock. The Tamaki Kousaka I bought for £25 on saturday was £20 on sunday for instance.

27 10 2008

(And no, I didnt go to the cosplay ball. Was bushed after lugging all my loot around,

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