Recently Purchased Goodies

8 09 2008


In my last post (which was a while ago! Sorry!), I mentioned that I had nothing on order so I wasn’t expecting anything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep clean long enough and have been splashing out on goods left, right and center! Oops!


Full list after the break ^^


Well, you can’t blame a guy when there are so many hot figures recently released, along with many more on the horizon *gulp*. Add to the fact that many places have been having sales, it really was hard to not spend!


List of figures:

ALTER – Chouun Shiryu
ALTER – Kanu Unchou
ALTER – Lily Salvatana

KOTO – Kureha
KOTO – Shii Arisugawa (bust)
KOTO – Angela (bust)
KOTO – Niniane (bust)
KOTO – Hitomi DOA
KOTO – Uesugi Kenshin
KOTO – Louise
KOTO – Silfa
KOTO – Rin Natsume

TOYSWORKS – Yuiko Kurugaya

GSC – Yuki Nendoroid
GSC – Corticarte

KAIYODO – Lazengann

Chouun Shiryu and Lily Salvatana are my favourite from the bunch. Although I also love the Shunya busts, you never do quite feel you get your money’s worth…

There are a few impulse buys that made it in there somehow. I’m not a To Heart fan, and Silfa is not particularly special but I got her during Forbidden Planet’s birthday weekend (30% Off all full priced goods!). For those of you in the UK, did any of you get any goodie bags? I didn’t -_-
I also bought Louise whilst I was there (just wanted to make the most of the coupon – not very wise)

Lazengann – my first Revoltech figure, but definitely not the last! I didn’t know how amazingly articulate these figures were, so I’ve been having a lot of fun posing it about (ahh, I’m such a kid at heart).

Pure ALTER-goodness!

The Yuki nendoroid is for my girlfriend. I did attempt to give nendoroids a go, having bought Light and Ryuk nendoroids before, but they’re a bit too cute for my liking. My girlfriend doesn’t collect figures and is not particularly interested in them, but she did find Yuki cute. Still looking to get Bincho-chan and Miku ‘roids, as well as Shana when she’s available!


My room will have this wall o figure for a while, as the guest room (where I usually keep these stacked) is currently occupied by relatives staying over for my brother’s wedding. Mmm, can’t wait to eat all the lovely food on the day 😀


Anyway, that’s all folks! Unboxing and review soon… (yeah, who’s gonna believe me when I have such a track record ;P)




8 responses

8 09 2008

thief! give me my yuki! =p

9 09 2008

i’m interested to see the Louise one. ^^;

9 09 2008

Damn! You got Lily already. Argh!!! I really like your haul especially Chouun (need to get her for a good price) and the KOTO Little Busters.

Does your Rin have a funny second face?

9 09 2008

no goodie from E2046 ^^;

9 09 2008

@minicake: You donut! =p

@gordon: thanks for dropping by! This Louise figure is rather kinky lol
Will do a post on her sometime in the future (but don’t hold your breath!)

@Shinobi2u: I’m really happy with Lily (although she was a pain to put together!) – she was actually available in Europe about a week before Japan – true story!
Oh, and Rin does come with a second face with cat ears. There’s another Rin figure with the same pose, but made by Toysworks, which I don’t think includes the face.

@George: Thanks for visiting my blog! No goodies from E2046 yet, but I am interested in a lot of the gathering kits, and especially can’t wait to see the ORI Asuka in colour! 😉

11 09 2008
Divine Fang

I’m quite a fan of Ikkitousen (anime) and I find Chouun Shiryu very cool although she doesn’t much screentime in the anime. And I rarely see figurine with closed eyes. Shall be looking forword to your “Unboxing and review” 🙂

12 09 2008

I’ve not seen the series before, but I also found Chouun Shiryu the best of the bunch! I’ve got the Griffon version, which is also one of my favourite figure out of my whole collection!

15 02 2015
omg machines review

omg machines review

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