“We interrupt this program to bring you…”

25 07 2008

… my latest haul! =)

All these boxes o’ stuff, ordered from different places, was delivered to me this week. Actually, it probably looks like a lot more than it really is, as the two boxes on the left contain only one item each.


So, whats inside???

Click the link to find out! 😉



This haul contains:

9 x PVC Figures
2 x Artbooks
2 x Statues



Well, I’ve finally completed the Shuraki set – I didn’t know Nida-chan’s head is so small in comparison to the other girls! ^^

And after several months of searching, I’ve also finally got myself Kureha! Unfortunately, her condition can’t exactly be described as ‘mint’, and the box she came in was barely holding together (ok, a little over-exaggeration, but you get the picture) – Gutted! -_-

I got Noel whilst she was Play-Asia’s “Deal of the Week”, unluckily before the 25% off promotion period. No idea who the Gundam girl is, but she was cheap. However, she looks better in the promo pictures and I wish I’d saved my pennies towards another figure instead =/

I’m usually not into the cuter looking figures, but I fell for Ruka from Ar Tonelico – she is a very lively figure!

Rosanna is another Shunya figure – not a fav but glad to add her to the collection.



I never considered buying artbooks before as I thought the money was better off being spent towards figures instead. However, I’ve now got a few and they’ve become almost as important as my figures!

I bought both the Okami and Korean Illustration artbooks on eBay, and they are incredible! Okami is especially good because it is CRAMMED with quality images and sketches, and translated faithfully from the Japanese version. Korean Illustration, as the name suggests, features artwork by famous Korean Artists. I haven’t played the games before but the artwork for Granado Espada and ZerA are amazing. I’ve got more artbooks ordered and I can’t wait to receive them!



Well, I am very happy to have aquired these two Final Fantasy VII polystone statues (featuring Cloud and Sephiroth) even though they were bought on a whim! If anyone in the UK and is interested in these statues, you can get them from http://www.play.com for only £39.99 ($80) each, Delivered! – Absolute Bargain! Unfortunately, the problem now is finding space to display them!


Well, that’s it for now – and I do mean it! Apart from a couple more artbooks, I’ve not got anything ordered or pre-ordered, so this will be it for a while *sniff sniff*

Quite depressing when you’ve got nothing to look forward to, but i’m sure this is only temporary =p




14 responses

26 07 2008

Congrats on getting the rare Kureha, I was thankful Hirito found mine in Japan quite some time ago.

26 07 2008
Divine Fang

WOW! Congrats! That should be overwhelming.
I have a question, where did you get Shuraki Char Rhousemann from?

26 07 2008

@Panther: Thanks! I have been eyeing her up for a long time (but then again, didn’t everyone? ^^) so I am glad to have finally got her! Shame she’s not quite perfect, condition-wise. =/

@Divine Fang: I am indeed very happy with all these figures! I don’t actually have anywhere to put them at the moment so i’m having to just appreciate them in their boxes. As for Char, I got her from Yahoo! Japan Auctions (YJA) – there are still a few available but you’ve got to buy through an agent (who tack on fees left, right and center).
I’ve just checked on eBay and funnily enough, there’s one for sale from London (where I live)

Anyway, thanks for dropping by guys! Hope to see you again sometime =D

26 07 2008
Divine Fang

@samanosuke: Thanks for your quick reply! I’m not familiar with YJA at all so most probably I won’t be getting Char there. I did find Char on ebay but at a ridiculous price 😦
I wonder if there will be a reissue.

26 07 2008

No problem! Ease of bidding on YJA depends on which deputy service you use really, but one thing they all have in common is fees (of course, I don’t expect them to do it for free!)

I was initially holding out for a re-release of Char as well, but decided I wanted to finish the series (as I was ordering the others around the same time).

Anyway, good luck on your search!

27 07 2008

you completed the shuraki set! i think there are more coming out right? some new characters.

27 07 2008

Oh you got the statue set from FFVII Advent Children! I saw that at Radio-Kan in Akihabara 2 years ago, and it is amazing work, but too big and expensive for me to buy.

Be careful with Rizfis though. I heard that her full skirt’s so heavy that it may break off the peg of the left foot. Max Factory Kureha is a very popular figure too; it won a lot of people’s hearts. : o

28 07 2008

@k: Yup, i’ve finally completed the Shuraki set! But you’re right, there have been hints at another Shuraki girl, and I think even Danny himself said there’s supposedly a series 2 in the pipeline. From what i’ve gathered, the next one will be a goth-looking girl ^^

@Q: I held off purchasing those two statues before due to the price, but I couldn’t resist when I found them being sold at a bargain price of £40 (RRP £180)!!

Yeah, i’ve heard about Rize’s peg fault, so I’ve yet to take her out. A solution I have come across (yet to be tested!) is to apply a thin layer of glue around the peg for additional support – I hope it’ll work!

And i’m very delighted to finally have Kureha, accept that she isn’t without a few scratches here and there -_-

Anyway, thanks for popping by ‘K’ and ‘Q’ (sounding like a pair of secret agents ^^)

29 07 2008

Youve got yourself some nice loot!
And just for the record: ARgh!! You have Char! DO WANT! ;D

Hope to see some Haruka pics

29 07 2008

hello sky ( ‘@’ )

31 07 2008

Oh you lucky dog…. That is a pretty Kureha too… but if I get one, I won’t need the other lol.

And in reply to your comments: Kamikaz!!! I totally forgot about them…. will have to check up on them later!! United Publications have Kureha for £29, but I’ve already sorted commited to Neon Martian since I asked them to hold one back for me. I could squirm out of it, but I like being loyal sometimes hehe.

5 08 2008

Looking forward to some close-up shots of your new figures! ^;^

7 08 2008

holy cow that is a haul indeed! lol
I only get my figures one at a time. I guess I’m not making efficient use of shipping charges haha.

29 09 2013
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