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22 07 2008

ROOM by Samanosuke

I wanted to take a break from figure posting, so decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a “my room” post. If it looks neat, then it’s because I’ve just tidied the room. If it looks cluttered, that’s because i’m naturally an untidy person! ^^

The main shot pretty much shows everything of interest in my room, but i’m gonna show some areas in more detail with the following images.


Starting off with my bed (oooh ahhhh)


My bed (actually a sofa bed, but I forgot how to convert it ^^;)

Those are guitar heroe 3 guitars (I can’t play real ones, unfortunately -_-), but since I played the prequels to death, I got bored of 3 quickly, and have retired the guitars.

Under the two figure boxes in the corner are about 15 other boxes. When I bought new figures, I kept the boxes in the corner, but once they built up it quickly became very unsightly. My solution was to cover the area with a bin liner, and the result was better than expected! ^^



My desk/work area. The DIY desk sits quite low, so it was difficult finding a chair to suit it. In the end, I bought the white one from ikea and intentionally left the wheels off when putting it together. The footrest was my seat of choice before the purchase the chair ^^



This is my display corner, which has already been through several changes. Due to a lack of space (and my resistance to let the area spread), I’ve still got 18 figures boxed away, with more on it’s way. However, I do have plans to change this corner so that problem may not persist. Moving on:

The otaku’s choice of cabinet (the detolf) on right displays around 5 of my figures per shelf. I’ve just recently re-organised it to fit as much per shelf as possible, so i’ve had to compromise and mix a match a few figures (for example, placing Simca with the Shunya schoolgirls bunch).

The top shelf holds Mei Mei and Di Di from the House of Liu vinyl toys range. A new range is coming out soon, featuring cool looking monks and baby versions of the two main characters

I’ve got Final Fantasy XII action figures on the middle shelf. I’ve played less than an hours worth of the game, so don’t really know much about the story. I thought the Judge Master Grabanth figure was really cool, but decided to get the rest just to finish the set off.

Cow-girls Aya, Donne Anonime and Franco, as well as Simca on the bottom shelf. I’ve got Cloud on Fenrir (bike) and Sephiroth on the drawer unit. Also on the drawer unit at the back is a big vinyl figure I bought from Vans London store. It was an impulse buy but I don’t regret it ^^

And finally, on the left is my Danny Choo-inspired hanging Gundam 00 models. I’ve only bought Gundam SEED kits prior to these ones and they all came with stands, so I was disappointed to find you don’t actually get any with the 00 kits. Anyway, I was looking for a space-saving alternative, and remembered Danny’s hanging Strike. So Danny, thanks! Hope you don’t mind the blatant plagiarism 😉



Here’s my entertainment section (though I spend most of my time on the Mac). I’m usually on the XBOX 360 and still playing Gears of War. My Wii is away at Nintendo’s for a clean – I can’t wait to play Smash Bros. Brawl when it comes back!

I’ve also got a PS3, but tather than let it waste space and gather dust, i’ve put it in the downstairs living room so my parents can watch chinese chapters on it. Finally, some use for the machine.



Here is how I keep my close. I use to have a conventional wardrobe (you know, the standard one with doors) but from time to time, I was too lazy to even open the door to put my clean clothes in and left them on the side of my bed (yup, I should be ashamed -_-), and it usually built up a giant pile.

Anyway, this setup was inspired by clothes shops, which makes it quick and easy for me to pick my clothes out/ stack them on.

On the bottom left is Hobby Japan magazine. My first issue – very good read (or look, rather, as I can’t read Japanese)



These rails were also shop-inspired. I’ve got my bags and hats hung on the side. I probably spend just as much on clothes as my figures, if not more.


Well, that concludes the room tour – I hope you had fun! Actually, I’ve got a final picture I want to share with you of my car, taken from my room. =)







5 responses

25 07 2008

I see Pocco!!! Yaaaaay! And so many other lovely things….. cool vinyl toys on the top shelf too.

I really need a Detolf….

26 07 2008

Heya, thanks for dropping by again! I remember seeing your Pocco aswell, except she was in her underwear!

The vinyls are really cool, and I’ll be doing a short article about them soon. Really love the House of Liu series, but my thirst for vinyls was short-lived…

Detolf = Cheap and cheerful! ^^

29 07 2008

Woah id love to break into your room and steal your interior and figures (especially the Yamashita ones) and escape with Asleigh.

Very Stylish! My Room is still unorganized as heck and the interior thrown together.The only thing i actually bought was the obvious Detolf ^^

5 08 2008

Nice room!

4 11 2008

I was about to say looks real nice until u posted those pics of your linen wall closet lol
I like how you added the upper top shelf in your ikea cabinet
I am currently rearranging my bookcase

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