[Review] Mirei-San x Figure

22 07 2008

MIREI-SAN from Kotobukiya

Mirei-san, the ultimate Shunya design(?!) Yes, quite possible. Mirei-san is a 1/7 Scale PVC figure, brought to you by the Kotobukiyan folks. My non-collector friends can’t help taking sideward glances at her when they’re around – all it takes is one look.

Anyway, I’ve dragged the release of this post because I actually felt it wasn’t worth posting. Don’t get the wrong idea, i’m not suggesting Mirei-san isn’t worth the webspace! It’s because, due to her popularity, there are plenty of better photoshoot/galleries of Mirei-san on the web (For example, Danny’s).

But alas, I’ve decided to finish the job – hopefully there’s something new in here for some people!

Mirei-san gallery follows…

Mirei-san Gallery

Above: Original Shunya drawing. Amazingly, I think the figure surpasses Shunya’s original design (blasphemy!)

So, that concludes the gallery – hope you enjoyed the (brief) show! Since I’ve aquired a new camera since taking these pictures, hopefully my next batch of pictures will be less noisy/dusty/dirty (Or maybe dirtier?)

Well, there’s really nothing to fault about this figure – absolutely none! She comes with two sets of hair: one up and one down (shown), as well as another right arm for either the post shown, or resting on her lap. Oh, and not forgetting the cast-off option. The shoe, I mean.

Have hours of fun seating her in random places – on top of your monitor, of the table etc. Any excuse to play with her 😉

I actually bought the HK ‘red’ version before I aquired the original version – I may do another photoshoot of that one in the future.

Now, look her in the deep into her eyes and tell me you can resist her – you’re not human if you can!




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