Shunya Feature x Figures Pt.2

15 07 2008

SCHOOL OF YAMASHITA: The Figures of Shunya Yamashita

Firstly, I’ve got to apologise to all (two) of my fans for the extremely long delay in getting the second part of the feature out – I’ve got loads of excuses on standby, but it all boils down to pure laziness (sorry!)

Anyway, i’m back now (hopefully for good!) and, as you can see, i’ve brought the second part of the feature with me – yay!

Part 2’s theme is the “School of Yamashita”, which follows the figures of 3 school girls, and a seductive teacher/office lady who needs no introduction.


As before, my posts aren’t ‘picture reviews’ – you won’t find shots of every possible angles and different accessory combinations. What you get is the select few pictures that I think represent the figure(s) well and highlight the best features.

From Left to Right: Shii Arisugawa, Arisa, Sera-chan and Mirei-san.

Whilst i’m here…

I got a Canon 450D SLR for my birthday in May, which hopefully means better quality shots! Unfortunately, these sets of pictures were taken around two months ago using my old Sony Cybershot, and I can’t be bothered to re-do them all, so please put up with the grainy/noisey pictures one last time!

I’m looking forward to doing more figure photoshoots with my new camera and, if you’re a pro, all constructive critism/advise is appreciated!

But for now, enjoy the show!



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