[Review] Shii Arisugawa x Figure

15 07 2008

SHII ARISUGAWA from Kotobukiya

Shii Arisugawa, released by Kotobukiya, is a damn fine recreation of Shunya Yamashita’s designs. She (or Shii – hahaha..ha…. sorry) is a 1/7 scale PVC figure, and comes packaged with her sword, a pink mobile phone and glasses.

Shii is one of my favourite Shunya figure – scrap that – one of my fav out of my whole figure collection. I still remember seeing her in a hobby shop, months before I started collecting myself, and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Returning to the store months later, I was disappointed to find out it was sold out (can’t blame them!) – this lead me onto a searching hunt, which also introduced me to several other figures, thus triggering the domino affect.

I ended up buying Shii from a seller on eBay, second hand. It was in very good condition, but I still wished I’d bought her new now (“no other guy can touch her! NO ONE!!!”). Lame jokes aside, enjoy the pictures of Shii!

space – doh! you caught me!

Shii Arisugawa gallery follows.

space – doh! you caught me!

Shii Arisugawa Gallery

space – doh! you caught me!

Above: Original drawing by Shunya Yamashita – much cuter than the figure form.

Above: I’ve never actually noticed the seamline until now (time of editing post)

Above: Cheeky Shot ^^

Last 3 below: I really love how the ‘on the wall’ pictures look – I will probably do more of these kind of shots in the future.

Shii gets everything so right – right down to the striped underwear! As with alot of Shunya girls, Shii wields an cool-looking sword, although if that isn’t your thing, you can replace it with a cute pink mobile phone.

Although I really like this figure, she doesn’t come problem-free: she is a real leaner. I bought her in January, and I’ve had to set her upright at least 3 times now! My solution to this is to stick a rolled up piece of paper under her left foot – doesn’t look too fancy, but it gets the job done!

There’s another version of Shii available, sculpted by REFLECT – too bad she is resin model kit only.

So, all in all, this is a very hot figure, and I’d definitely recommend you add her to your collection! – even my non-collector friends appreciate her!




5 responses

16 07 2008

nice photoshoot. u don’t like the glasses? ︿︿;

beware though. she might have leaning problems.

17 07 2008
How a Girl Figures » Rearranging, Cleaning and Leaning Figures

[…] lucky that Shii isn’t leaning anymore, she used to be leaning but i fixed her up. Looks like many people have had problems with this particular figure and leaning. But her sword does like to fall […]

17 07 2008

@gordon: yup, saw your post and even commented on the leaning on your blog! lol
I like her with her glasses on, but think she looks even hotter without them. I’ve actually stuck her pair on a final fantasy figure (Balthier) and it looks pretty funny (or maybe i’m just easily amused?)

@how a girl figures: oh god I forgot how annoying her sword is – good call! Seriously, it falls off at the slightest touch, which is why I have her sword ‘backwards’, as the curve of the handle seems to help that way ^^

20 07 2008

I saw striped pantsu!!!!! MORE NOW!!!!!

22 07 2008

^ lol i’m trying to keep my blog PG rated, but i’ll see what I can do… 😉

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