[Review] Sera-Chan x Figure

15 07 2008

SERA-CHAN from Kotobukiya

Sera-chan is a 1/7th scale PVC figure sculpted by Mitumasa Yoshizawa (Reflect), and produced by Kotobukiya. Sera-chan is another figure based off a design by Shunya Yamashita, featured in his artbook, Sweet Dreams.

Apart from the clothing and hair colour, this figure doesn’t really resemble the original drawing. However, that’s no bad thing because this is an equally beautiful character. The original Sera-chan is portrayed as a cute schoolgirl and probably wouldn’t strike such a provocative pose. This is a sexed up Sera-chan with a “come and get me look”. Me likes =)

More photos of Sera-chan can be viewed by clicking the link.

Sera-chan Gallery

Above: Original Shunya drawing. Gives off a completely different vibe than the figure – both are still cute/hot nonetheless.

This is one of the earliest ‘Shunya-design-to-figure’ released (can’t quite remember the order). I bought used Sera-chan on eBay, expecting her to be in “collector’s condition” as stated in the auction description, but found long scratch marks across the base when I got her out of the box.

I wasn’t too happy, but went on to attaching the figure to the base. Unfortunately, one of the peg didn’t fit into the slot properly so I applied a bit of force to it, which resulted in Sera-chan’s feet slipping across the base and – yep, you’ve guessed it – scratched it. Learn from my mistake and be careful when handling her!

Although the people at Kotobukiya did a good job of painting her face, they clearly left the painting of the hair to the janitors. The seams in the hair is also pretty apparent, with some dodgy patch-job on the right side of her hair/head. Apart from that, this is still a very nice figure, with perfectly recreated ‘Shunya Eyes’ and at an affordable price.

There is a blonde version of Sera-chan out there, which I have been trying to get. At the time of typing, there is someone selling one on eBay, but won’t ship outside of the US. Bastard.

15/07/08 – This post was actually written when I started this blog, but decided to save it for the school feature ^^



2 responses

20 07 2008

Ahhhh another Shunya Yamashita. But I didnt know she came from the Sweet Dreams artbook like my Pocco!! (Lovely revoltech dear that she is)

In reply to the comment on my blog, I’m guessing there were only a couple of Corti-chans there, seeing as its not a very well known anime or visual novel lol.

I got Clalaclan from the Forbidden Planet store. Back in January. So quite a while back, I havent been there since then so I don’t know if that was their last or not. I was uber-glad I saw her though. I didnt get her when I first saw, but after a little comtemplating and other shopping(Orbital Manga & TokyoToys)I went back to get her!!! For just £35 I couldn’t exactly pass it up right??

And yes… twas damaging to look at how much I’ve spent…. I know I’ve spent alot more on manga and DVD’s though…. I need to make a more recent list of my manga n stuff now….. lol

22 07 2008

Yup, Sera-chan is also a Shunya design, but she doesn’t bear much resemblence to the original drawing face-wise (figure has a more adult/sexier face whilst Shunya depicts a cute face)

Ohh I only started collecting at the end of January, so I most porbably missed Clalaclan at Forbidden Planet (I got both Seena and Xecty from them a couple of months ago though!)

I hae no idea where Corticarte is from but I like the figure! Would have bought it for £29 if I had known! I’ve seen it on display at Tokyotoy’s shop recently, but it’s no where near the bargain price you got it for! -_-

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