[Review] Arisa x Figure

15 07 2008

ARISA from Yamato (Creator’s Labo)

Arisa 1/7 Scale PVC figure by Yamato’s Creators’ Labo. This is the original version, Yamato have since released Arisa in another colour variant.

Yamato bring’s another one of Shunya’s designs to PVC form, whilst doubling her breast-size in process. The original concept depicts a cute girl in sultry school top and knickers, choosing a guitar as the weapon of choice, as opposed to the usual sword.

The pose is spot on, but I can’t get over the gi-normous eyes the sculpter (“Sunny Day”), er, sculpted.

I’ve kept her skirt on, as this is how I have her on display – sorry! I’ve also noticed that her skirt is on the wrong way, so you get a ‘light-wind-breeze-revealing-bum-cheek’ sort of pose ^^

Anyway, more pics of Arisa follows.

Arisa Gallery

Above: Original Shunya drawing. Purple or white stockings?

Arisa has her fans, and who can blame them? Girls with guitars = friggin’ cool! The mirrored base is a real good feature that highlights her peachy bum (great for the perves amongst the masses). However, in my opinion, Arisa only looks good from certain angles due to the not-quite-right face, and I don’t think the round glasses help either (not pictured, sorry!)

But actually, the worst part is the production quality of the figure. Yamato have done a real rubbish job (surprise, surprise) with Arisa, with worst than beginner hair colouring job, cast-off clothes that doesn’t seem to fit back properly, and overall shoddy paintwork. I’ve got Ringo (from Air Gear) pre-ordered, but i’m worried Yamato will just cock it up now.

Another worrisome thing for potential buyers to know is that she is a real leaner, and probably worst than Shii. Unfortunately, rolled-up-paper-under-foot technique doesn’t quite work so well on Arisa…



2 responses

20 07 2008

The only thing I dont like about Shunya-girls is the skirts…. they always look too big round the waste cos you can cast them off….

22 07 2008

actually you’re right about that, and I think it’s especially noticable with Arisa because she is smaller than the other Shunya school girls – same really, but I wouldn’t want them to take away the cast-off feature!

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