Shunya Feature x Figures

28 04 2008

SKY LOUNGE INTRODUCES: The Figures of Shunya Yamashita

It’s been nearly two weeks since I started this blog. Of course, I knew what I wanted, but it took longer than I thought to produce the content. Taking pictures, editing and then blogging about them is a time-consuming task. However, I’ve enjoyed the process so far (at the expense or more important matters!), and hopefully I can keep the spirit going.

I’ve decided to start off my blog with a Shunya Yamashita feature. Shunya figures got me into this hobby, so I thought I’d show my appreciation. I’ll actually be concentrating on the figures based on his work that I’ve collected, rather than a biography/write up on him and his art.

Shunya Yamashita’s website can be found by clicking here, although most of the art can only be found on the boxes of the figures. He’s also had an artbook published, titled ‘The Art of Shunya Yamashita: Sweet Dreams’. Last time I checked, it was still in stock on the Japanese Amazon site.


My posts won’t be as image intensive as other reviewers out there (such as Heisei Democracy, which provide images from every possible angle of their subjects) or in-depth written reviews as, since I’m still new to the scene, don’t think I’m qualified to.

Having said that, I hope you still find something new and interesting in the images I show, and can take the time to comment on my posts.


So, I’ll be posting photos of the figures in sets. The first set consists of Shion, Rei, Rudy and Shoko-san.

For the second set, I intend to show Shii Arisugawa, Arisa, Sera-chan and Mirei-san.

I’ve still got Petra, Non-Non, Cocona and more after.

After the Shunya Feature is over with, I’ll be posting photos of other parts of my collection, so stay tuned!



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