[Review] Shouko-San x Figure

28 04 2008

SHOUKO-SAN from Kotobukiya

Shouko-san is another of Shunya Yamashita’s design from Kotobukiya. She is of 1/7 scale and made of PVC. This is an alternative version to the original black hair/pink top original.

It was hard for me to decide between this and the original version. However, I think the grey hair gave this one a little edge – ridiculous on real hair (unless you’re old) yet amazing looking on anime characters. Unsurprisingly, there are others who would say it makes her look like a granny. Damn you people. Damn you.

To assemble the figure, one must grace Shouko-san’s feet with her heeled sandals. It’s like the scene in Cinderella I tell you, except you get an eye full whilst doing so. And without the glass slipper.

No matter which side of the pond you are on regarding the two versions, Shouko-san is without a doubt, hot.

More photos of Shouko-san can be viewed by clicking the link.

Shouko-san Gallery

The above shot would have looked nicer had she been sitting on a field of grass. What do you guys think?

Whoops, I forgot to adjust the blending option on the watermark above.

Shouko-san sits seductively on a heart-shaped cushion. I’m surprised the cushion is able to keep it’s shape whilst being sat on. Apparently, she is partially a cast-off figure, but I haven’t worked out how or which parts can come off.

I hope it’s exclusive to my figure but around the neck/chest area, the skin colouring is slightly different – much more glossy and orangey. However, it’s only really apparent in the photos, and is not noticeable at all when looking from a distant.

Her eyes almost cross over to being a cold/lost stare, but I’ll give it a pass as I like to think that maybe we’ve caught her in the middle of a surprised “oops!” look. What could she have been doing? What would we see if an image of her was capture only moments after instead? The mind begins to wonder…

I’m very happy with this figure, and I’m glad it is part of my collection. This is one of those figures that combines womanly, cute and sexy perfectly.



3 responses

5 05 2008

i have this figure as well. the normal edition. it’s one of my favourite shunya figures. simply love the pose. the only thing i would like to complain is that there is this very visible seamline running down her tighs. i believe u have seen that too right?

btw, the lower portion of her dress is castoff-able.

10 05 2008

I didn’t notice the seam-line before but indeed, it is there. I really should inspect my figures a little more (although that may just bring up their faults!)

Yup, I know the lower portion of her dress can come off – I just don’t know how to come about doing it!

11 05 2008

lol me too. i have no ideas how to take it off as well. i just leave it the way it is. i prefer it that way. ^^

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