[Review] Rudy x Figure

28 04 2008

RUDY from Aoshima

Rudy, another of Shunya Yamashita’s design, is available in 1/7 PVC form, produced by Aoshima. She was sculpted by ‘Modeller T’.

In class, I can be found doodling fantasy swords when bored. I have been doing this for years. Needless to say, I am a big fan of swords. I am also a fan of hot girls. Now add them together, and you have a killer combination.

Rudy was one of the first Shunya figure I laid my eyes on (Mirei-san and Shii Arisugawa were the other), and I was quite attracted to it. I think I noticed the sword before her bursting bosoms. She came in two different flavours, the original here and a blue version. I actually wanted to purchase the blue version because it does not have a cast-off feature but it was more expensive.

I’ve since bought the blue version as well as Play-Asia had it on sale for about £10 (roughly US $20) – bargain!

More photos of Rudy can be viewed by clicking the link.

Rudy Gallery

Below: Inappropriate angle? I’ll let you decide!

I’d like to get it out of the way and say that this is the least favourite of my Shunya collection. I know, I know, I’m contradicting the ‘killer combination’ statement in the beginning of this post, but that’s the sad fact. However, that isn’t to say that this isn’t a great figure, because it is far from. Let me continue…

I think the sole reason for her position as ‘least favourite’ of this figure is due to the face – it just doesn’t capture the essence of Shunya’s original design. Not even close. From certain angles, she has chubby cheeks. Overall, the face shape is quite odd, no thanks to the pointy chin. However, the worst area of the face is definitely the eyes. Her pupils are really odd, which makes it hard to work out where she is looking. Shunya’s girl’s are renown for their beautiful eyes, and to get it so wrong is a crime!

Now with the positives: The body is molded perfectly, capturing the anatomy of a voluptuous women. The sword is very cool too and definitely a saving factor, if not the saving factor. The paintwork is really good, and I think the applied gloss to parts of her clothing/armor adds sexiness and glamour to the overall figure.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve also got the Rudy in blue (boxed), which may warrant it’s own review in the future.




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