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8 09 2008


In my last post (which was a while ago! Sorry!), I mentioned that I had nothing on order so I wasn’t expecting anything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep clean long enough and have been splashing out on goods left, right and center! Oops!


Full list after the break ^^


Well, you can’t blame a guy when there are so many hot figures recently released, along with many more on the horizon *gulp*. Add to the fact that many places have been having sales, it really was hard to not spend!


List of figures:

ALTER – Chouun Shiryu
ALTER – Kanu Unchou
ALTER – Lily Salvatana

KOTO – Kureha
KOTO – Shii Arisugawa (bust)
KOTO – Angela (bust)
KOTO – Niniane (bust)
KOTO – Hitomi DOA
KOTO – Uesugi Kenshin
KOTO – Louise
KOTO – Silfa
KOTO – Rin Natsume

TOYSWORKS – Yuiko Kurugaya

GSC – Yuki Nendoroid
GSC – Corticarte

KAIYODO – Lazengann

Chouun Shiryu and Lily Salvatana are my favourite from the bunch. Although I also love the Shunya busts, you never do quite feel you get your money’s worth…

There are a few impulse buys that made it in there somehow. I’m not a To Heart fan, and Silfa is not particularly special but I got her during Forbidden Planet’s birthday weekend (30% Off all full priced goods!). For those of you in the UK, did any of you get any goodie bags? I didn’t -_-
I also bought Louise whilst I was there (just wanted to make the most of the coupon – not very wise)

Lazengann – my first Revoltech figure, but definitely not the last! I didn’t know how amazingly articulate these figures were, so I’ve been having a lot of fun posing it about (ahh, I’m such a kid at heart).

Pure ALTER-goodness!

The Yuki nendoroid is for my girlfriend. I did attempt to give nendoroids a go, having bought Light and Ryuk nendoroids before, but they’re a bit too cute for my liking. My girlfriend doesn’t collect figures and is not particularly interested in them, but she did find Yuki cute. Still looking to get Bincho-chan and Miku ‘roids, as well as Shana when she’s available!


My room will have this wall o figure for a while, as the guest room (where I usually keep these stacked) is currently occupied by relatives staying over for my brother’s wedding. Mmm, can’t wait to eat all the lovely food on the day :D


Anyway, that’s all folks! Unboxing and review soon… (yeah, who’s gonna believe me when I have such a track record ;P)

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7 responses

8 09 2008

thief! give me my yuki! =p

9 09 2008

i’m interested to see the Louise one. ^^;

9 09 2008

Damn! You got Lily already. Argh!!! I really like your haul especially Chouun (need to get her for a good price) and the KOTO Little Busters.

Does your Rin have a funny second face?

9 09 2008

no goodie from E2046 ^^;

9 09 2008

@minicake: You donut! =p

@gordon: thanks for dropping by! This Louise figure is rather kinky lol
Will do a post on her sometime in the future (but don’t hold your breath!)

@Shinobi2u: I’m really happy with Lily (although she was a pain to put together!) – she was actually available in Europe about a week before Japan – true story!
Oh, and Rin does come with a second face with cat ears. There’s another Rin figure with the same pose, but made by Toysworks, which I don’t think includes the face.

@George: Thanks for visiting my blog! No goodies from E2046 yet, but I am interested in a lot of the gathering kits, and especially can’t wait to see the ORI Asuka in colour! ;)

11 09 2008
Divine Fang

I’m quite a fan of Ikkitousen (anime) and I find Chouun Shiryu very cool although she doesn’t much screentime in the anime. And I rarely see figurine with closed eyes. Shall be looking forword to your “Unboxing and review:)

12 09 2008

I’ve not seen the series before, but I also found Chouun Shiryu the best of the bunch! I’ve got the Griffon version, which is also one of my favourite figure out of my whole collection!

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